High-Performance Injection Molded, Extruded, Poured, and Form Ground Precision Ceramic Cores for Investment Casting

Core-Tech is unwavering in our dedication to producing high-quality ceramic cores and delivering them on time. We understand investment casting, and how important it is to have dependable cores that perform as designed. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer injection molded, extruded, poured, and form ground ceramic cores that will exceed your expectations. Your cores can be manufactured in many compounds or blended to meet your specific needs. Core-Tech offers many compounded materials that are not available by any other core provider. We want to be your one-source solutions provider for precision ceramic cores and will work hard to earn your business.

Don’t let your designs be limited by the performance of the ceramic cores.

Core-Tech leads the investment casting industry in developing the latest advancements in ceramic core technology that provides design engineers even greater freedom to develop cutting-edge ideas. New core materials, unexpected core strength and tolerances never before thought possible are the modern tools available only from Core-Tech. Don’t let your imagination be limited by outdated material compositions or technologies. Core-Tech is truly on the cutting edge of ceramic core manufacturing. Isn’t it time to put a precision ceramic core from Core-Tech in your design?

Core-Tech serves industries that demand high-performance
ceramic cores that help keep their businesses running.
Ceramic cores for aerospace
Ceramic Cores for Medical Industry
Ceramic Cores for Sports

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Only Core-Tech offers exclusive, high-performance core materials that allow you to design with few limitations.