Choosing the Inspection Method for Your Ceramic Cores

Laser gauge. Dimensional inspection. Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). X-ray technology. 3D “blue light” digitizing scanner. How do these inspection methods differ and which one or combination, is most appropriate for providing the desired data? The criteria for choosing the inspection method for verifying the dimensional integrity of a ceramic core used in investment casting can [...]

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Tooling Can Determine Dimensional Integrity of Ceramic Cores

It only stands to reason that a well-designed, well-built, and well-maintained core die will more easily and efficiently yield the best ceramic cores. Conversely, if the tooling design isn’t quite right, or the manufacturing processes in producing the die is off, well then, it’s nearly impossible to produce an acceptable ceramic core. Plus, let’s not [...]

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Choosing the Right Material for your Investment Casting Ceramic Core

For engineers planning tomorrow’s investment castings, designing the ceramic cores required for creating the perfect final shape can be daunting. In addition, choosing the correct material for that ceramic core only adds to the difficulty engineers face. Before choosing the correct material for your ceramic core, one must also decide on the appropriate method for [...]

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