Quality assurance is an integral component of our manufacturing process.

Core-Tech is unwavering in our dedication to producing high-quality products and delivering them on time. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company meeting stringent manufacturing requirements to ensure consistent results and on-time delivery of your products. Click here to view our ISO Certificate.

Having our ISO quality certification is certainly something Core-Tech is proud of and works diligently to retain.

3D blue light scanner

Core-Tech utilizes the latest 3D “Blue Light” inspection technology to ensure the integrity and quality of the cores we produce.

We believe in the importance of being able to verify and measure the integrity and performance of our cores by making significant investments in cutting-edge inspection systems and technology. And we’re proud of the fact the Core-Tech has always been an early adopter of new industry advancements and technology for testing and assuring the integrity of our products. This is evidenced by our recent acquisition of a digitizing scanning system that produces three-dimensional measurement data quickly and accurately to optimize the inspection process and improve manufacturing workflows. This revolutionary system utilizes “blue light technology” which allows for very precise measurements to be taken independently of lighting conditions. This system is capable of creating a 3D scan and instantly comparing it to the CAD drawings of that core to verify surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the core.

Xray inspection

We also use x-ray technology for inspection and quality control.

Core-Tech was also one of the first core producers to utilize digital x-ray and laser gauge inspection for quality assurance. The x-ray unit is capable of generating digital images up to 11 x 14” for viewing on a computer monitor. These digital images can be transmitted electronically to the Core-Tech customer to be approved before the actual product is shipped.

When choosing a ceramic core producer, be sure it’s a company that manufactures high quality, high-performance cores–and be sure they can verify the integrity of those cores. Be sure to choose Core-Tech.